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How to make a Cat6 cable?

Internet is almost indispensable in our current era. Many actions are happening online nowadays. From tax declaration to controlling the lighting in your home. A housekeeping usually has many devices that are connected to the Internet or to an internal network. You should think of equipment such as a printer, media box, smart TV or a NAS server. 

It is therefore very important to connect all devices properly. This is usually done with a UTP Cat6. It is possible to make this cable yourself, but for this you must have the right tools. To make a Cat6 cable, you need the following products :

  • Cat6 cable
  • Connectors
  • Knife or cable stripper
  • RJ45 shrink plier

When you start making a Cat6 cable, first strip 2 centimeters from the Cat6 cable with a knife or stripping pliers. If you have done this, you will see 8 veins. These must be in a specific order, as described below:


If the wires are not in the correct order, the UTP Cat6 cable can not make a good connection. You then have to cut off about 1.5 centimeters from each vein and place the veins right next to each other. After this operation, firmly press the wires into the connector, which you then insert into the crimping tool. The pliers is the most important operation in this process because it, as it were, squeezes the connection between the wires of the cable and the connector.

After you have pinched the connector, you can test your homemade UTP Cat6 cable. This is best done before you install the cable. This prevents unnecessary work if the cable does not work properly.

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