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What is the difference between Cat6 and Cat6e?

What is the difference between Cat6 and Cat6e?

Nowadays almost every house is connected to the internet. We are also make intensive use of the internet, such as Facebook, Youtube, Google and more. In order to make your network as stable as possible indoors, it is best to use cables.

WiFi has a less stable range than a wired computer. And if you live in an environment where the neighbors also have WiFi, your signal will usually not get better. This can result in a slow and unstable internet connection.

A solution for this is the complete cabling of your internal network. This can be done with internet cables, or UTP cables. With these cables you can bridge a distance of 100 meters. These cables are widely available and easy to install by yourself.

The most commonly used internet cables are Cat6 and Cat6e cables. Network cables can be divided into four categories:

  • Cat5e, Has a speed to 100mbit/s, 100mhz
  • Cat6, Has a speed to 1.000mbit/s, 250mhz
  • Cat6a, Has a speed to 10.000mbit/s, 500mhz
  • Cat7, Has a speed to 10.000mbit/s, 1.000mhz

There are many misunderstandings about the Cat6e cable. Cat6e is not a standard and is therefore often misplaced as indicated. In the Cat5 version the successor was the Cat5e, in which the "E" version was a faster cable.

When the Cat6 cable came on the market, there were many suppliers who labeled the Cat6 cable as a Cat6e cable to suggest that this was a newer version. In short, the Cat6e does not exist at all. There is also an organization that manages all standards. This is the Tia (Telecommunications Industry Association) This organization does not recognize the existence of a Cat6e cable.

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