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Network tools

Good network tools are always the key to a successful end result. And that of course applies to the professional user but also to the handyman at home. That is why www.netwerkkabel.eu offers a wide collection of network tools that will make every networking job a success. You can also affordably supplement your toolbox with everything you need for these types of jobs.

Network Tools | for your own home network!

For example, we have cable pullers in different lengths in terms of network tools, but also a complete network set when you first set up a (home) network. We also have all kinds of pliers such as crimpers, cable tie pliers and also strippers. You can also come to us for a handy punch down tool. With this all-in-1 tool, you can easily and accurately connect the cable to a wall socket in a single movement and cut the cable properly.

Network Tools | Testers

In addition, we naturally have various testers for testing your cable. These testers test each individual vein and indicate whether these veins are still good. For the network tools , of course, we also ship free of charge from € 75.00 within the Netherlands!