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Quality server cabinets and patch cabinets

Maximum carrying capacity of 800 kg

The server cabinets and patch cabinets that can be found in the assortment here at Netwerkkabel.eu are all equipped with a maximum load capacity of 800 kilograms. This emphasizes once again the unique quality that you can count on these cabinets. Compared with other similar cabinets, the maximum load capacity is considerably higher. This of course is due to the fact that the use is made of high-quality materials that provide an absolute added value for the cabinet in matter.

Available in many different versions

When you take a look at the range of server cabinets and patch cabinets here at Netwerkkabel.eu it becomes immediately clear that these are available in many different versions. Whether you are looking for a large or rather a small closet, we offer it all! In addition, our cabinets are also available in different colors so that they fit well in the interior in the server room, as the interior in your company. Anyway, whatever requirements you place on your server cabinets and patch cabinets, if you choose to purchase them here at Netwerkkabel.eu you will notice that all these requirements can be met without any problem.

25 years Guarantee

It is of course all nice and great to indicate that the server cabinets and patch cabinets from the range here at Netwerkkabel.eu are very qualitative, but how does this translate into practice? The quality is so clear that on these cabinets just offer a guarantee is for 25 years. This way, you as a customer can be absolutely certain that you can enjoy the best possible quality at all times. Do you fear that this will have a not insignificant influence on the price tag? That fear is completely unjustified. After all, our server cabinets and patch cabinets can be purchased at a price that you would never have thought possible before!

Price-technical very interesting

When you look at the price tag of our server and patch cabinets in detail, it immediately becomes clear that they are very good in the market. Particularly in view of the high-quality and sustainable materials used, the price will generate the necessary surprise among many potential customers. It may be clear, would you like to order one or even several server and patch cabinets that have excellent quality and that while you still can buy them at a very competitive price? In that case you are at the right address here at Netwerkkabel.eu!

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