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What is a connector?

An UTP connector or plug is the point where the UTP cable gives a signal. The quality of a UTP cable depends on the connector.

The cable connector is also called a RJ45 connector. Just like UTP cables, these network connectors also consist of various categories. Not every UTP cable has the same vein thickness. It is therefore also important that you have the right UTP connectors with the right UTP cable.

RJ-45 stands for Registered Jack. This means that it is a registered plug. These connectors can also be seen with analogue telephone connections, faxes or modems. The handy thing about this connector is that you can only connect it in one way. The wrong connection of a UTP connector in, for example, a modem is not possible. However, this does not mean that the UTP cables are guaranteed to be properly connected to the connector. That requires some preparation.

A network connector consists of a plastic case with eight copper "clips". If you have plugged the UTP cable into the connector correctly, you can press the clamps. For pressing, you can make use of a RJ45 crimping tool. These clamps then press with a type of wedge in the UTP cable. This makes connection with the veins and also makes the connector full contact.

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