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What is a shrink plier?

If you want to make a network cable with RJ45 connectors by yourself, you need a RJ45 crimping tool. A RJ45 crimping tool is a special pliers for squeezing the plug that ends up on the end of the cable. These plugs generally have a low purchase price, but are unfortunately not suitable for re-use.

How to use a shrink plier?

To make a network cable, you need the following materials:

  • UTP cable
  • UTP power plug, type RJ45

You first start by stripping the UTP cable. You only need to do this with the outer sheath. Ensure that the individual wires are not damaged. For stripping you can use a special cable stripper or a knife. When you have stripped the mantle, you must place the eight wires in the following order.

It is important that the tab is on the bottom. In addition, it is also important that the veins stay in place. These can be staggered. Then, cut off 3 centimeters of the veins and put the jacket of the plug in the bottom of the RJ45 connector. Then check again if the order is correct.

If everything is correct, you can place the RJ45 connector in the RJ45 crimping tool. Squeeze the veins well and check that the cable and the wires are properly inserted into the connector.

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