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strain relief boot

What is a strain relief boot?

At home you probably have a well-wired network with Cat5 or Cat6 network cables. This gives you a good working connection, but maybe also a mess in your meter cupboard. In the meter cupboard, where the router is usually found, dozens of LAN cables come together. This is usually anything but clear.

The solution for this is an RJ45 strain rleif boot. This is a cable device that protects the RJ45 connector. It is a rubber cover that is slid over the RJ45 connector. It is important to first make the strain relief boot on the cable and then attach the connector. When you do this in reverse order, the connector can not be put over it anymore.

RJ45 are available in various colors. So you can give your internet cables their own color, so you immediately can see where each cable comes from. For example, red for the bedroom, yellow for the study room and green for the bedroom. This way you make your meter cupboard much clearer.

An additional advantage of an RJ45 strain relief boot is that it completely closes the connection between the connector and the connection. This means that dust can not be added and the chance of malfunctions is reduced.

The advantages of an RJ45 strain relief boot are:

  • It makes cupboards clearer, by using different colours
  • It protects the connector
  • It protects the connection and prevents from dust

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