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What is the difference between CCA and 100% copper?

Netwerkkabel.eu sells cables made out of CCA and 100% copper.

What is the difference? 

CCA means 'Copper Clad Aluminium'. The wires are made out of aluminium coated with copper. These cables are suitable for a length up tot 50 meters. It is mainly suited for temporarily solutions.  

100% copper
So, naturally, the 100% copper cable consist of... 100% copper wires. They are suitable for a length up to 100 meters. When you want to use Power over Ethernet, you can use 100% copper wires at best.

Which cable should I use?

It is relatively easy: when in need of a better performance on longer terms (several years) over longer distances, a 100% cable is most suitable.

  • When using a CCA cable, its performance can start decreasing at a distance of 10 meters, and they are not suitable at all for distances over 50 meters. Cables made out of 100% copper can perform well up to distances of 100 meters.
  • Aluminum is relatively rigid. Because of this, chance of defects are (much) bigger compared to 100% copper cables.
  • Cables made of 100% copper are suitable for PoE (power over ethernet) adjustments, whereas CCA cables are not.
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